Monday, March 31, 2014

Cracker Coated Haddock

Fish (and just about any type of seafood for that matter) is one of my favorite sources of protein at mealtimes. But I do love to try different types of fish, or at least if I have the same kind, I like to switch up the preparation technique. I'm growing a bit tired of the standard breadcrumb coating, and a bread slice was an interesting technique, and got me to think of what else I could do. A cracker crumb coating is not exactly a new and unique idea, but it can definitely differ in success rate depending upon what type of crackers used and how finely crushed they are. I took inspiration from my whole grain and seeded crackers I had on hand (typical me). The fish I enjoyed was prepared with these crackers, not crushed to a fine powder but with no visible cracker pieces either. It was cooked simply by pan-frying. I really liked the texture of the cracker crumbs - it wasn't really crispy, but certainly not soggy with just the right amount of crunch. The flavor was also nice, as the crackers were not overly salty with just a hint of sweetness and plenty of flavor from the whole grains - no seasoning required. In addition, the fish was not heavy or fatty as the crackers were not butter crackers. I'll have to search the pantry to see what other coatings I can come up with next! 

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