Thursday, March 06, 2014

Challah French Toast

This is some fancy French toast/pain dorĂ©/pain perdu my parents had the inspiration to make not too long ago. The inspiration really came from seeing a nice, rich loaf of egg bread/challah bread/braided bread at the grocery store for half price. It is also nice to try a little something different for lunch every now and then that isn't just "a usual". Yes, French toast is more often consumed at lunch or supper than at breakfast in this house. This recipe is nothing special, just the usual egg-milk-vanilla French toast mixture with the perfect type of bread. This bread is ideal because it is not as soft (and commercially prepared) as sandwich bread, so will not be as soggy, and is richer, crustier, and not homemade but at least bakery made. It is also good to keep in mind that drier or stale bread, as opposed to fresh, works better with French toast, which is where it gets its other names - "golden or enriched bread" and "lost bread". It's also a great use of leftovers - bring new life to old bread! 

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