Monday, March 24, 2014

Double Chocolate Espresso Muffins

Remember the {Espresso Chip Muffins} from a couple of months ago? Well, my mother revamped the recipe and made them again for an even more delectable treat. The key? Adding more chocolate of course! She simply replaced a small portion of the flour with some unsweetened cocoa powder. In this case, it was not necessary to add extra sugar, as the small amount of cocoa does not make a huge change and it is just like a dark chocolate muffin. However, the sugar could be increased slightly if you wish. Be sure to cut back of the amount of flour as well, or else the muffins may turn out to be a bit dry. This is a chocolaty delight that is delicious warm from the oven on a chilly day, perhaps with a cup of coffee? This version has even amped up the flavor enough that you may omit the espresso powder if you prefer. 
A warm treat on a snowy day!

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