Friday, March 21, 2014

Nautical Cupcakes

These are some nautical themed cupcakes I made the other day. These cupcakes were an order and I decorated them based on special request. I used nautical-themed cupcake paper liners and decorative toothpicks and decorated the cupcakes to match this theme. My ocean-themed cupcakes included fish, whales, starfish, sailboats, submarines, anchors, seashells, and lifebuoys. I used both white and chocolate cupcakes (half of each kind) and decorated them with my signature vanilla buttercream. I decided to pipe blue swirls for he base of the decorations to make it look like blue waves. Then I used red and yellow buttercream to pipe some different shapes onto the cupcakes. I chose six different shapes: yellow seashells, yellow starfish, yellow fish, yellow and red submarines, red sailboats, red anchors, and red lifebuoys. This only required two basic decorating tips, a plain round open tip and an open star tip. The shapes were also fairly basic and easy, but with a little imagination, I think I created some great nautical-themed cupcakes! 

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