Monday, March 10, 2014


Here is my first attempt at a pavlova. I think it turned out quite well, it is certainly pretty and was also quite tasty. Here is what this pavlova consists of:

  1. Crispy meringue shell base
  2. Vanilla custard
  3. Fresh kiwifruit and grapes
  4. Sweet vanilla gaze (makes the fruit shiny and keeps it longer)
  5. Milk chocolate drizzle
  6. Chocolate chips at the corners
  7. A happy face in the middle :) 
Of course pavlova can really consist of anything - what really makes the pavlova is the meringue base. Use any fresh fruit in any pattern as you wish!
For something a little different, I really wanted to emphasize the vanilla flavor. Usually most things I make are heavy on the chocolate (and with good reason). But this time I wanted to be different and focus on a light dessert with a vanilla flavor. Yes, I did accent it with a dash of chocolate. I used a heavy dose of vanilla extract in both the meringue and the vanilla custard - more on that tomorrow. 

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