Monday, March 17, 2014

Cookie Dough Brownies

This recipe uses the divine chocolate brownie recipe from yesterday's post, and the cookie dough recipe that will be featured in tomorrow's post. There is a secret to the cookie dough topping, but I will wait until tomorrow to divulge that. To assemble these brownies, I spread about half the recipe of cookie dough on top (which is why I had extra for the pi pies from a few days ago). Of course this cookie dough was originally intended as a dip, which is why it is a bit softer in consistency than regular cookie doughs. However, instead of devouring it as a dip (or by the spoonful, though I definitely could have) I decided to make it into something new. 
These brownies definitely are not overly sweet, they are more for dark chocolate lovers, and those who do not enjoy sickly sweet desserts, or want something a bit healthier. In order to make the brownies a little bit sweeter, more special, and more attractive, I simply melted a little semi-sweet chocolate and gave it a quick drizzle over top. These cookie dough brownies combine two favorite flavors, brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough, as well as three different appearances of chocolate. (Maybe next time I will try a double chocolate chip cookie dough). The cookie dough is a bit of a different recipe, so it contains no raw egg and is perfectly safe to consume raw. 

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