Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Blogging Break

For those of you who have not noticed (first of all thank you), my blog posts have been, well, lacking lately. They've been shorter, and don't feature complete dishes or the impressive sweet desserts I usually make. A lot of things I have been featuring have been either things my mother actually made (thanks Mom) or breakfast items - as I may not have much time to bake, but I always need to eat breakfast, which is quick to make and easy to experiment with. But I'm sure all of you are growing just as tired as I am of more overnight oatmeal recipes, which really all stem from the same one recipe. The truth is, I just haven't had enough time lately to cook or bake, and even  if I do, I then run out of time to properly take nice photos, upload them, and do a reasonable blog write-up. 

So it greatly saddens me to announce this, especially after 984 consecutive days of posts (I'm so close to 1000!), but I just cannot keep up this blog. At least for right now, I'll just have to take a short break (hopefully). If all goes well, I should be blogging again in the summer. Right now though, I just have too much going on to be able to commit the proper care and attention to my blog. I apologize to my dedicated readers, but I'd much rather not post at all for a while than post low-quality updates. 

Right now, between balancing my schoolwork, upcoming exams, a job, extracurricular activities, and all the other slew of events coming my way, I'm basically having to choose between blogging and getting enough sleep, one choice which is obviously having (or at least will have) a negative effect on my health. So I've thought about this for awhile, and kept blogging to a point, but now I must say I really have to stop for awhile.

I'm not happy about this decision, but it's something I really have to do right now. That isn't to say I won't pop up every once in awhile with a post of something cool I recently made, but it sure won't be daily. And hopefully I can return to consistent postings in the summer. My last post will be tomorrow, where I will share a rather cool creation I managed to conjure up the time to make.

Farewell for now!

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to see you go. I love your posts. Hopefully you will be back soon.