Wednesday, April 02, 2014

April Fools

In case you didn't already realize this: APRIL FOOLS!!!!! Yesterday's post was a complete hoax. I don't know if I fooled any of you or not, if not I guess you just know me too well. There is no way I would just quit blogging like that cold turkey. Well, I guess the post wasn't completely untrue, as I am quite busy and sometimes do find it difficult to continue baking and blogging. And yes, it may mean that I borrow some things my mother made to post about, or many of my posts do pertain to breakfast (it if my favorite meal of the day - and what's wrong with breakfast creations?). However, I will continue blogging even if some of my posts are shorter or more rushed, I will always find the time to post. It may mean registering automatic updates for a week, or relying on articles I have previously written instead of something I have recently made. But I will continue posting daily for the time being, and posting as many recent creations as I can find the time to make. For those of you who follow me daily, thank you! I appreciate it. But I didn't start this blog with the sole purpose of gaining popularity. I mainly began this blog for myself, as I way to keep track of everything I make, my favorite recipes, what works and what doesn't, and my photos. So of course I will continue posting everyday; after all, I posted in French for a month, didn't I?

Anyways, I did promise to post something cool today, and although it is not recent, I have never shared it before. This is a Mickey Mouse cake I made a few years back, mainly for my father during a rough time. I had received the Mickey Mouse pan from someone and was excited to use it. When decorated cleverly, this cake doesn't just have to be Mickey Mouse, it can be transformed into other characters as well. I went with the classic Mickey look - red shirt, yellow shoes, but instead of black, I used chocolate for the skin. Here's to another 1000 days of consecutive blogging! 

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Anonymous said...

You had me! Glad you are back.