Friday, April 04, 2014

Huge Cinnamon Bread

What happens when your bread rises really high? Well, you start to worry as to whether the force of the rising bread will blow off the lid of your new bread machine. And everyone told me you didn't need physics in baking. Anyway, the bread definitely wasn't strong enough to cause the lid of the breadmaker to come off, but we were wondering if the machine would be able to contain this huge dough. I am not sure why this bread rose so high this time, as we have made this recipe before. (See {Machine Cinnamon Swirl Bread}) As you can see, this bread is very tall and rectangular. The only problem with bread rising this high (besides not fitting in a breadmaker) is that there is that the proportion of bread to cinnamon swirl is too large, and the bread seems a bit more plain and dry. Other than that though, it is still an extremely good recipe - tasty, convenient, and so pretty. Almost as good as the made-by-hand old-fashioned version.

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