Thursday, April 17, 2014

Post One Thousand!!!

Well today marks the one thousandth day in a row that I have posted something on this blog! I began this blog 1000 days ago today, with the intention of creating a permanent collection of all of the recipes and foods I have made and eaten; and a way for me to share my passion for food with others. I cannot believe I have done one thousand posts already! It does not seem like that long, and it has seemed quite effortless - except holding back hungry taste testers while I get that picture for my blog! I am certainly nowhere near running out of ideas or things to make anytime soon!

Anyways, to celebrate the occasion, I got my wisdom teeth out today. That means I won't really be eating much for awhile, and what I do eat will probably consist largely of smoothies and other forms of purées. Anyone else care for some purée recipes? 

So I'll keep this short, but thanks again to all my readers, without you, I'd merely be keeping record of my baking, and not sharing my creations with others. Here's to another thousand consecutive days! 

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