Friday, February 01, 2013

Homemade Cereals

Lately I have been on a homemade cereal kick. The storebought stuff just won't do for me anymore, even my previous favorites (and please, I don't ever want to see cornflakes again!)  Cocoa puffs first thing in the morning? Not my cup of tea. Some may call me a cereal snob, but I just prefer the homemade variety, just like I prefer pretty much any food homemade. I rarely eat storebought bread anymore, would never dream of buying a storebought cake, and why have storebought cookies and lasagna when you can have homemade? Homemade cereal (and most homemade baked goods, for that matter), contain less preservatives and chemicals. They are more natural, and you can put all the good stuff in it that you want. This is especially true with cereal, where you can easily control the amount of sugar, salt, ad fat, and add any whole grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits to suit your personal tastes. Moreover, homemade cereal is extremely easy to make. Well, not every kind. I'm not about to go try making homemade Cheerios, or Lucky Charms, or shredded wheat, but granola, bran flakes, and oat squares are all quite simple. I have already featured quite a few cereal recipe on here. I am running out. Not of recipes, but of different types of cereal. I mean there are 60000+ recipes for granola, or muesli, or oatmeal, but I'm looking for a little something different. I have never heard of a cereal cookbook before, and I am tempted to write my own. I have begun creating my own cereal recipes, one I will feature tomorrow. 

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