Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chocolate Truffle Hearts

Here are the heart-shaped truffles I put alongside my Valentine's Day dessert. This is a yummy truffle recipe I have used before upon occasion, and it is always a hit. The recipe is super quick and simple, and the result is sweet, chocolaty, velvety-smooth truffles. There are no complicated steps to this truffle recipe, and they do not require dipping in chocolate and rolling in another ingredient like some truffles, they are perfectly fine served plain. Another thing I really like about these truffles is that they can be formed in different ways. They can be rolled into balls, formed into a log and sliced, shaped into shapes, as above, pressed into a pan or mold, or simple scooped up with a spoon and eaten if you are a bit impatient. They are not sticky, messy or gooey, but easy to roll and shape, unless they get a little too warm, then they can just be popped in the fridge for a few minutes. And they turn out well every time, even if the ingredient measures are not completely precise. These are more of a light chocolate, soft truffle, but they just melt in your mouth. They are one of my mother's favorites. Here I have them pictured with some chocolate filigree hearts around the plate. These are certainly one way to get your chocolate fix on Valentine's Day!

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