Sunday, February 03, 2013

Nutella Galore!

Nutella: delicious, decadent  chocolaty-hazelnutty goodness all nicely mixed together and sold in jars in grocery stores around the world! It is good by the spoonful, on toast, on bread, on muffins, on cookies, on cake, and in many dishes as well, for breakfast, for lunch, for supper, for snacks, for dessert, I can't think of a time that isn't a good time for Nutella!

Certainly I knew that recipes using Nutella existed, I had seen them, but it wasn't until was I was asked if I could make a Nutella Chocolate Cake (see January 18th, 2013) that I discovered the vast multitude of Nutella recipes out there! There are many different websites featuring Nutella recipes, but one stood out for me. became the site where I wasted a good chunk of time, clicking every recipe I wanted to try (which did not narrow done the list at all, really). This would bring me to another blog site, and as a blogger myself, I appreciate the effort people put into their blogs. I couldn't just skim the details, and I had to look at some of their other posts too, didn't I? Every link brought me to another decadent-looking, tantalizing baked treat that incorporated Nutella. The photos were large, close-up, and making me drool. Anyways, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had bookmarked way too many of these Nutella recipes that I wanted to try, and I didn't have a single jar of Nutella in the house. Nope, not one. This is all a marketing scheme, isn't it? Can I use the generic store-brand equivalent, which is probably cheaper, or would that be scandalous? Well,luckily the real thing was on sale anyway, so I didn't need to make that decision. 

This site contains, literally hundreds of links to sites with recipes that all share one common ingredient: Nutella. There are cakes, muffins, cookies, pies, pancakes, fudge, tarts, cupcakes, truffles, drinks, breads, squares, French toast, brownies, granola, cheesecakes, frostings,  fillings, ice creams, puddings, doughnuts, mousses, marshmallows, and pizzas that all contain Nutella! There are even several recipes for homemade Nutella. This search all started with the request for a Nutella chocolate cake. And this site only had about fifty plus to choose from! I finally did narrow it done to one good one, which turned out excellently, and I made the frosting to go with it as well (see January 18th, 19th, and 21st, 2013). But I also wanted to make many, many, many other items on that website. I only had about half a jar of Nutella left at this point, but I realized that World Nutella Day was coming up soon! Boy, was I glad I stumbled upon this fact at this time. Now I could prepare for it. I decided to hold off on making anything else containing Nutella until that day approached, which would give me a little more time to mull over which one(s) I should make (or simply cause my list to grow even bigger). They all look so good. So many great Nutella recipes, so little time, so little Nutella in the house. Well, I will feature another article tomorrow explaining a little more about World Nutella Day, and on February 5th, I will certainly feature a recipe made with Nutella.
PHOTO CREDIT:"KeepCalm_NutellaOn-240x300" World Nutella Day, n.d. Saturday, February 2, 2013.

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