Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tomato Heart Appetizers

This is a very cute Valentine's Day appetizer idea that I recently came across online, and I am sure glad I did. Vegetables are difficult to associate with Valentine's Day, so when I saw this idea I was very appreciative. In addition, this idea is really simple, and you can put it with anything. Basically, take some plum tomatoes and cut a diagonal sliver off each of the long ends. Once you have them all cut, put the small pieces aside for another use. Then take all of the tomatoes you have and make pairs based on size, shape, and tone. Place the two long sides together to form a heart shape. Once you have your matches, stick a toothpick through the two pieces to hold them together. This will form heart shaped tomato pieces with a toothpick "arrow" going through them. So easy, so quick, and so cute! These actually aren't very tedious at all, they don't take long but look very nice and are well worth the effort for your sweetheart. They can be served alone as as, on top of a salad, along with a biscuit, with cheese, or whatever you like! Here I have them pictured on a plate with some fresh basil leaves for presentation. They will make a nice appetizer for Valentine's Dinner tomorrow. Hopefully the recipient will not read my blog again until tomorrow as well, so they can be a sweet surprise.

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