Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine Cake Ideas

Over a month ago, I was asked to make another cake for a charity auction to be held the Friday before Valentine's Day. I was all set and excited to do this. I promptly conducted many internet searches to look for ideas for valentine's themed cakes. I have a heart-shaped cake pan, so I was all set. And you would not believe how many beautiful Valentine's Day cakes you can find out there! All that pink and red; and hearts and flowers and lace; and sprinkles and chocolate. I sifted through them, and chose a few of the ones I thought were the best, but still simple enough for me to do using the tools that I had on hand. Then i took different aspects from each of them and put them together to plan my own heart-shaped, Valentine themed cake. I even got a nice platter for it and everything. Perfect. If only the weather had cooperated. The auction was not yet held, but postponed for two weeks later. Not even just the day after Valentine's Day, but an entire week later. Luckily, I had not started actually making the cake yet, and it was now obvious that my Valentine'themed cake would no longer be fitting. Which meant I had to come up with an entire new cake design. It also meant all my Valentine cake planning would go to waste. Or would it?

When I am making cakes, I find it much easier to facilitate if I have a solid theme in mind and an idea of where I am going. Furthermore, it definitely helps to have the entire cake drawn out and planned, and all of the ingredients and equipment gathered. I had all of that ready. But now I was faced with a problem  The auction would no longer be Valentine themed, and not themed at all. I don't do well without a theme. It is much too open-ended. I end up having way too many options, and attempt to do something probably more complicated than I can handle. And there is no room for error when the cake is for a charity auction; it has to be good. 

What is my final decision? Well, I spent a lot of time on my valentine's cake idea, and I don't want it to go to waste. I also determined that I need a theme, though there are so many simple "everyday" cake ideas out there, I just know I need some direction. And there is no other upcoming theme, it isn't close enough to spring yet, people are too sick of winter, and there are no other upcoming holidays. I am going to stick with the heart-shaped cake and use the majority of the design for that, just not make it Valentine's themed (I won't write "Happy Valentine's Day" on it, like planned). It is only about a week after Valentine's day, so people will still be in the mood for hearts, right? Hopefully it will sell well and generate a lot of money for the charity. 
PHOTO CREDIT:"8742492-valentine-heart-shaped-rose-petals" 123RF, n.d. Monday, February 18, 2013.

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