Saturday, February 09, 2013

Nutella Wrap-Up

I know, I know. It is high time I get off this Nutella kick of mine, and start baking with some other ingredients. I will, I promise, I mean Valentine's Day is coming up soon (although what better way to show someone you love them then feeding them Nutella...), so I will be featuring some other items (plus I am beginning to run out of Nutella here). However, two jars of Nutella later, many searches to many different websites, and a list that keeps growing longer, and Nutella week is over. Done with. I do just want to share with you a few more things about Nutella though. But just to let you know, this certainly does not mean you will not see Nutella creations on here again. It's pretty much guaranteed. And probably even before next year on World Nutella Day.
I found three more (okay, more than three, but three worth mentioning here, since I've said quite enough about Nutella already) interesting websites talking about Nutella. These actually aren't recipe websites. One shows how to say "Happy Nutella Day" in a bunch of different languages. Well, this is a worldwide holiday, so it could be useful to know, if you are talking to others in a different country. Another site shows the top ten signs you are addicted to Nutella. I actually don't display any of those signs, although I can relate to them. No, I do not carry around little packets of Nutella with me wherever I go, and when invited to someone's house, my first question is not, "Will there be Nutella?" In fact, I usually do not ask that at all. I have met foods that do not pair well with Nutella, but i think this one (and all of them) is a slight exaggeration anyway, because I do believe that the vast majority of sweet foods do go with Nutella, and in the past I have put Nutella on some pretty weird things. 

The third site has many true stories recounting people's first experiences in tasting Nutella.  I am sad to report I don't actually remember mine that vividly. I was probably too young. My first encounter wasn't the most magical one anyway. I would have to say my favorite encounter with Nutella was when I was staying in Spain for two weeks and living off camp food that wasn't-the-greatest. Our camp leader secretly took us to a nearby store and told us we could buy some good food that we would actually eat, and specifically recommended protein, since we seemed to be missing out on it. What better form of protein than Nutella? My roommates and I bought to jars to share, and the next day, dunked some cookies in it. Then we just resorted to spoons. Then just our fingers. Oooh, that first mouthful of Nutella after living off of camp food for a week. Yum!
This site also features the top fifty ways to eat Nutella, which do include cookies, spoons, and fingers, as well as in sandwiches, on fruit, and in hot chocolate. It also lists the different types of Nutella eaters, including The Sandwicher, The Dunker, and The Naturalist, among others.  
I believe The Chef is an accurate description for my love of Nutella:
The Chef (aka In Denial). This person has a high degree of self-imposed control and prefers not to eat Nutella in its natural form, but cooked or baked into other dishes. Not because they don’t like the taste of Nutella on its own, but because they like it too much and are afraid of themselves in the Spooner or Naturalist forms.
PHOTO CREDIT:"nutella-sandwich-cookies" Once Upon A Chef, n.d. Saturday, February 2, 2013.

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