Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big Bang Theory Cake

My brother's birthday is coming up, so I asked him what kind of cake he would like this year. Often I am left to come up with my own ideas for cakes, but this year my brother actually had a theme in mind. Coincidentally, it was the same theme I had in mind. My brother is a big fan of the television show "The Big Bang Theory". Perfect, a theme to follow, an idea to go by. Not so much. Some themes are easier to generate ideas from than others. There are many tv shows that have great characters that are easy to portray on cake. This show, not so much. The entire show is really focused on the main characters. The problem is, these characters are all real people (not cartoons or animations), and they are not easy to draw on a cake (at least even remotely accurately. I decided I was not going to attempt the characters, no way. I want the cake to look good. So I looked on the internet for more ideas.

I found several Big Bang Theory cakes that had already been made. A few of them featured Sheldon's famous line, "Bazinga!", a few featured his quotations, and a few featured some equations. There were also some cakes featuring cats as a take on the infamous "Soft Kitty" song. And a few cakes even had the characters, most of them either paper cut-outs or impressive modelling chocolate creations. I don't use modelling chocolate often, and don;t have that much on hand, and when I make cakes, I like every part of it to be edible if possible (one could argue that paper is edible, but, I'm not going 

I showed my brother several of these cakes, and asked him which type of design he liked the most. He liked the cake that featured the atom that appears during scene changes the most, and left me to come up with a design based on that and a few other instructions, a rectangular chocolate cake with buttercream icing. I will feature the finished cake tomorrow on his birthday. See this link here: Big Bang Birthday Cake 

PHOTO CREDIT:"6706115-atomic-nuclear-symbol-scientific-illustration-of-orbiting-atom" 123RF, n.d. Monday, February 18, 2013.

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