Saturday, November 12, 2016

Many Different Ways

Alas, it is that time where I express a certain frustration I have experience in every kitchen in which I have worked; differences in explanations. This is where one chef shows you how something is done, then another chef shows you that it should be done a different way, then that chef quits and another chef tells you they were both wrong, then the head chef shows you his way. And all along, you people get mad with you and you have to remember so many changes and then wonder why there aren't standardized recipes for these things and how did there end up being do many different methods?

That was kind of my day today. From plating desserts, to hollowing tomatoes, to blitzing soup, chopping veg, and washing floors, I have been corrected (or misinformed). I was in the bar again today doing mostly random prep jobs that kept me quite busy. 

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