Thursday, November 10, 2016

Being Walked Through It

Today I ended up on the pastry section in the bar again - and actually doing pastry prep work. I made chocolate fondants, apple compote, apple crumble mix, raspberry cakes, sliced bread, cut shortbread cookies, washed grapes, made ice cream, etc. And luckily, this time the sous chef walked me through all the new tasks I had done before and checked in with me, which I really appreciate. I feel like that's the way new employees should be trained. It's helpful, and if you are shown properly once, then you will know from then on!

Mid-morning a health inspector showed up and everyone went crazy! Not that everything wasn't in order, but we ran around wiping everything done, and putting lids on and labelling stuff and making sure she couldn't nail us for anything. Which put us quite behind on orders, but I think we passed ok!

Side Note: I was featured in a newspaper back home for my recent olympic gold medal win!

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