Sunday, November 06, 2016

Fourth Day Of Work

Today was a much different day than the past three. The restaurant is closed on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, which meant I was working in the bar. I began earlier today as well, meaning my shift began helping out with breakfast. It was much quieter and emptier in the kitchen today with only one other chef besides me there at the beginning; and only five chefs in total in the entire day. 

Breakfast was quite easy and pretty fun too. I was pretty familiar with the style of breakfast being served from previous work experience, so the chef simply explained to me the different breakfast options on the menu and I was to heat everything up that he needed to plate the breakfast. I cooked some eggs, made some porridge, fried some bacon, baked some scones, etc. It was fast and furious in a short time.
Cheese Plate in the bar
Next I moved onto the pastry section in the bar. Someone quickly showed me the dishes, but left out a lot of details about the section; despite the fact I had zero concept of the menu or mise en place of this section. Anyways, I managed to figure stuff out for myself. In between getting dessert orders, I would do some more prep jobs. I also organized and cleaned the station, which really needed it. The pastry section is in a separate room across the hall from the main kitchen, so I would hear a shout, "desserts" and run to get the order. I liked being alone and having my own working space for once. I wanted to help in the main kitchen with starters and mains during the mad rushes, but I really Didn't know hoe to help and in that small kitchen I figured I would just be more in the way.

The atmosphere today in the bar was so much different than the restaurant atmosphere. Sure speed, accuracy, and neatness were all the aims, but they were not reinforced quite as much. The bar food is also not as refined or detail-heavy as in the restaurant; and I don't feel like I'll be patronized to so much as take a second to get a sip of water.

Overall, an enjoyable day and one where I felt I did my work with more confidence.

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