Thursday, November 03, 2016

First Day Of Work

A deer in headlights. No I didn't see one, I'm describing myself on my first day of work.
I was in the pastry section of the Michelin Star restaurant today working with two other guys. I didn't really know the kitchen at all - menu, location of equipment, food storage, other workers, etc. But I was thrown directly into the job after being briefly shown around and introduced to some people. Today I helped prepare chocolate ganache, berry jelly, apple jelly, olive oil crackers, polenta crackers, seaweed brioche bread, potato onion bread, spelt bread, nougat, mini cakes, birthday cakes, and a few other odds and ends. I also got a look at how the dishes were plated, and an idea of how service goes. We did about 35 covers tonight, which isn't very busy. 

Overall I think my first day went quite well, but I still have a lot to take in and learn. I must say though, despite being the ONLY female among a dozen or so males in the kitchen, everyone is very nice and respectful to me. 
on my walk to work

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