Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ultimate M&M Cookies

This shows some of the giant M&M cookies which I overbaked. It takes some experimenting to discover the perfect timing, so even though the cookies may not look quite done, they will firm up upon cooling. There was absolutely nothing wrong with these cookies though - if you happen to like really crispy cookies, then go ahead and bake them longer. However, most jumbo cookies are known to be soft and chewy, so they are usually slightly underbaked.
Here are some perfectly baked jumbo M&M cookies. To dress them up even more, I decided to decorate them. I just made a quick batch of buttercream frosting and used red and green colors. Then I piped on each cookie, and since the cookies were large, they made the perfect canvas for some decoration. The piping, along with the specks of candy-coated chocoaltes, make these cookies quite colorful. I made these cookies as a gift for someone, so I decorated them with items to represent that person. 

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