Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lobster Season Cake

What to do with cake pieces cut out of a rectangular cake in order to make it cross shaped? Especially when you made several cuts and didn't just cut four simple rectangles? Well, the first option would be to frost the cake whole, and then cut out pieces to make it cross shaped. I know my parents did that for my first birthday cake, where they cut out pieces so the cake would resemble the number "1" then served those pieces and still had a one-shaped cake as a center piece. The only problem with this idea, is if you are presenting only the cut cake, the sides will not be frosted and decorated. So I cut the cake pieces first, decorated the cross cake, then decided to somehow place the individual pieces together and then decorate those with the leftover frosting.

I didn't have any white buttercream left, so I piped on pink to one piece (piping is easier than trying to spread on individual pieces) and blue on the other piece. I liked how the blue piping resembled waves, which gave me inspiration to make it into some kind of ocean theme. Realizing lobster season had just started, I decided to use this idea. Some simple green letter and piped fish, and I was finished. Can't wait to enjoy some fresh lobster! 

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