Saturday, May 24, 2014

Grilled Zucchini

Finally it is barbecue season! Typically we tend to stick to the same types of foods when we barbecue - our standard salmon, burgers, chicken, steak - mostly meat. But once in a while we do try something a little different. This time it was grilled zucchini. Unless you have one of those special vegetable grilling baskets, vegetables must be large or cut into large pieces, or strung onto kabob sticks in order to avoid falling through the grates of the grill. That definitely happened with a few of our zucchini pieces here. The next time we tried this we did cut them a bit thicker. If cooked properly and rotated they will cook despite being very thick, and are tender, juicy and flavorful. They do have a little more crunch then boiled zucchini, but that's fine with me. All these need is a brushing of olive oil and perhaps a dash of cracked black pepper. A very quick accompaniment to any meal! 

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