Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lobster Dinner

It is finally lobster season again! Our family typically enjoys one good feed of lobster, bought fresh from the ocean from our neighbor, who is a lobster fisherman. We don't really do a fancy lobster dinner or anything - my father cooks them all in a big batch (we borrow the cooker from our neighbor), and then spends a good amount of time cracking open the lobster, shelling it, and dividing up and separating the meat to put into bowls to enjoy for the next few days. Since lobster is such a treat on its own, we pair it with something simple - some cooked vegetables, and perhaps some potato salad or coleslaw. Lobster is a star on its own, so really doesn't require a lot of fuss with sides. Lobster can be quite filling and is actually quite a good source of protein. 

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