Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Macaroon Easter Nests

I have never made macaroons before. I don't even think I have tried one before. I have always wanted to make them, but I'm just not a huge fan of coconut so they were not high up on my list. However, my mother recently did make some for the Easter season. Of course, these are chocolate macaroons. They feature three candy coated chocolate eggs in the middle, so they resemble little Easter nests. They are colorful and chocolaty. Jelly beans or solid chocolate eggs could also be used in the center, but I think these are the most realistic (and tasty). 
This macaroon recipe is quite different from a typical macaroon recipe. While most macaroon recipes get their body from egg whites beaten until stiff, this recipe does not contain any eggs. It does contain a large amount of coconut, and sweetened condensed milk. In addition, these macaroons are chocolate  and the chocolate flavor actually comes from a package of instant chocolate pudding mix, which becomes moistened when mixed with the milk, but not of actual pudding consistency.  The macaroons are then baked, like most macaroon and cookie recipes, and the eggs are pressed in. 
The idea for these Easter nests works with several different cookie recipes, including macaroons, haystacks, and no bake oat drop cookies (see April 9th, 2012). Chocolate cookie recipes work the best. Jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and candy eggs may all be used. 

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