Sunday, March 03, 2013

Blog Book 2011

Well, here is my blog book that finally arrived! Actually, it arrived a few weeks ago, but I just didn't have a chance to feature it since I have been baking so much lately. Overall, I am quite pleased with the quality of the book. It is a really nice keepsake for me to have, and is full of tasty memories and tantalizing photos. I have no idea how long I will continue with this blog, and this will be a lovely souvenir of it in many years to come. My biggest dilemmas here were choosing the cover photo and the back cover photo. I finally decided on some cupcakes I made and a picture of the blue ribbon I won for my chocolate cake. I also became a little frustrated with the dedication, as the character limit was very short, and I had so much more to say. Finally, choosing the cover style was easy. As my blog background is my favorite color, purple, I naturally progressed to a purple floral design. 
There are a few formatting things that I do not particularly enjoy, but they are not terrible, and they really are just small blips in the overall detail. For example, my father was quite frustrated with the lack of editing options and html codes or something like that. The book squeezed a few pictures in, started things on the wrong line, and in one case, changed my listed recipe to paragraph form (I went back ad checked it, that was not a format change we made!) Other than those few little things, I am overall very happy with the book. It doesn't have the fluorescent purple and green colors of online, and the photos are not as big and beautiful, but the book is full color with big, glossy pages. It really showcases my blog nicely. One more thing, which is completely my fault, as I did preview the entire book and miss this. But the final post of the year, my Ollie-Bollen from December 31st, 2011, was not included. It turns out I had to include the next day in the dates to print, in order to receive that post as well. It would have been a nice finish to the book, but oh well, I'll just include it at the beginning of 2012!

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