Friday, March 22, 2013

Catan Cupcakes

I've been asked to decorate cupcakes again. With no solid theme again. This time, they were simply for a potluck. No real event either, just a gathering of a group of my brother's friends from school. I know this group enjoys board games, and I know "Settlers of Catan" is one of the games they enjoy playing, so I decided to base my cupcakes on that game. I have never played this game myself, but I have watched (or rather overheard) my brothers and my father playing many times. From what I have heard, it would not be my type of game.
Anyone have any sheep? I need some ore! Why does nobody have wood around here? Brick, brick, I need more brick! Anyone have a sheep? I could use some grain. I NEED A SHEEP!!!!! I'll trade you some wheat for some lumber. Sheepy, sheepy, sheepy, sheepy.......
Now take three to five grown male voices yelling that across the room at each other while you're trying to sleep.
You get the idea.

Anyways, as you may have guessed, Catan involves islands, and knights, and building settlements with brick, lumber/wood, sheep/wool, grain/wheat, and ore, along with rocks, trees, water, and grass. Or something like that. So that is what I based my cupcakes on.

I frosted them with buttercream tinted green and blue. The blue cupcakes were for the water surrounding the settlements. I also included some piped islands and trees on these cupcakes, as well as these miniature cookies I found in the cupboard with buildings etched on them that reminded me of the villages of Catan. The eight green cupcakes were for the resources, two for each of the ones I featured. Chopped chocolate bar for lumber, shredded wheat cereal for wheat, red icing piped in bricks, and white icing piped as wool. These cupcakes were easy and fun to do. The frosting was easy, and then I just looted around in the cupboards for foods I could use on top!

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