Sunday, June 04, 2017

My Birthday Away

Today was perhaps the most exciting day of my was my birthday!! I am super glad I was able to spend my birthday celebrating with my brother and his girlfriend and not just on the road or at a conference (though not terrible ways to spend a birthday, especially compared to previous years of working all day, it's better to be with family).

For starters, last night (after midnight, of course) we had a chocolate cake they had made for me. This morning we went to a large market that was basically meant for foodies. It had many food stalls and vendors as well as some lovely shops. Next we drove over to a large outdoor park where we rented bicycles and biked around the entire perimeter. The park went right along the seawall and the ocean and looked over to the north side of the city. Plenty of trees, flowers, birds, and nature as well.Then it was out to a fancy restaurant for dinner were I was even treated with a special birthday plate.

All in all it was an exciting and pleasant day; celebrating my birthday and exploring another new city.

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