Thursday, June 01, 2017

Competition Day One

The events of today included a lot of poster girl smile. Basically our group had breakfast together and attended the official launch of the competition. Then we split up into our respectful project areas for the day. Later on we grouped back together for a presentation and then later for a group dinner at a local restaurant. Back at it again tomorrow!

For my specific duties I first went to mingle around the cooking and baking competition areas, where I spent most of the mingling with people I had already know but hadn't necessarily seen in awhile. At the competition area I met three of my previous culinary instructors, a few other chefs I knew from doing different competitions, a few people I had just met at the least conference I attended just before this, as well as some competitors from my region that I knew!

Mid-morning I had a filmed interview and mini demo with a Masterchef champion so that was super cool! I got to meet him, take a picture with him, plate food with him, and just chat.

I also got the chance to watch some of the cooking and baking competitions going on, cheer on some competitors I know, take pictures, and visit the try-a-trade chocolate truffle, freshly baked cookie, and canape stations.

cooking competition area

cooking sample plate

baking sample cookies


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