Friday, May 05, 2017

Upcoming Culinary Exchange Trips

I've got some very exciting news to share! I have only recently returned home after travelling to a few different countries for competitions, work, and vacation. Now I will be remaining in my home country for awhile, however; I will still be doing quite a bit of travelling within the nation. Of course every time I travel I am always taking in the local culinary scenes and cuisines but these trips are designed specifically around exploring and indulging in the culinary gems each has to offer. The first two trips came about during my break from blogging but the final trip was just offered to me today so here I will announce all three at once.

1. In 2 1/2 weeks I will be travelling to attend a National Annual Culinary Conference. Held in a different region each year, this conference brings together chefs and junior chefs who are members of the federation from all across the country. It involves workshops, demonstrations, product showcases, tours, outings, competitions, networking, plenty of delicious food, and much more! Last year I attended as a competitor in the junior competition. I enjoyed it so much I made the decision to return this year on my own, without the stress of competing.

 2. A week later I will be travelling a little further to be an Alumni Representative at the nation wide Skills Competition. Again, last year I attended this competition in a different region. This year, as a special celebratory initiative, four former competitors from each region have been asked to attend for the purposes of facilitating tours and workshops, educating visitors to the competition, assisting with set-up of competition areas, attending ceremonies, explaining the competition guidelines, and more. Of course I will be stationed in the 'cooking' competition area. The entire trip is all expenses included, without the stress of being a competitor. 

3. Finally, in 2 1/2 months time I will be attending a National Junior Culinary Exchange. This is an all-inclusive trip awarded to seven aspiring chefs from across the country, doled out based on an extensive application process. Again, this takes place in a different region each year and highlights the culinary gifts of the region. This year participants will be merited with active preparation of food at special events; chocolate, sugar and charcuterie hands-on workshops, tours of fruit and vegetable farms; tour of a goat cheese production plant and goat farm, and winery tours and tastings.

I cannot wait for these upcoming trips and I will be sure to blog all about my experiences during my journies! 

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