Friday, May 26, 2017

Product Showcase, Tower, and Dining Out

cupcakes at the product showcase
Today's agenda seems to have less activities than yesterday, but that's just because the activities lasted longer and were more self-guided activities; along with a little extra free time. The product showcase was a great opportunity to connect with food service companies, try free samples, collect freebies, network, read information pamphlets, and chat with others.

buildings from the top of a tower
The "Dine Out" event was a super cool new event where approximately a dozen or so restaurants across the city participated. Each member had two certificates and could use one per restaurant to make a reservation there and dine; either choosing a few small items or one large, supplementing extra cash as required/desired. You could dine in big groups, small groups, all appetizers, apps and desserts, space your reservations close together or far apart, visit restaurants downtown or across the city.

For example, I chose one restaurant downtown and enjoyed a couple of small plates, then ninety minutes later I went across the city along the river front to another place and enjoyed a few desserts.

Soy Garlic Caramel Roasted Eggplant, marinated
local green bean, Szechuan pepper


Fallentimber Mead Sorbet, Blueberries, Vital Organic Yogurt

  1. Cafe style breakfast
  2. Mind body and food presentation
  3. Junior annual general meeting
  4. Senior competition
  5. Product Showcase
  6. To compete or not compete presentation 
  7. Climb to the top of the tower
  8. Dine out

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