Wednesday, May 24, 2017

National Culinary Convention

Today I am headed to an annual national culinary convention! I attended the same conference last year, however I was provided a spot at the conference as a competitor in the national junior culinary challenge that takes place at the conference (see: Having had my chance at competing last year, I will not be competing this year. Rather, I can relax and enjoy all that the conference has to offer. 

The conference entails a plethora of interesting seminars, day trips to visit food facilities such as manufacturing plants and green houses, outings to local restaurants, competition, a gala, workshops, meetings, a product showcase, networking with other chefs, and of course, plenty of delicious food!!!

This year's program explores topics such as:

  • flavor forecasts
  • combating food fraud
  • sustainability
  • diner behavior
  • exploring cuisines of the world
  • cooking from scratch
  • pasta quality
  • enhancing chefs' health and happiness
  • evolution of culinary teaching and learning
  • to compete or not to compete
  • salami
  • national wines
  • branding
  • goat cheese
  • sturgeon and caviar
  • nutrition and fat metabolism
  • chocolate tempering

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