Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Staff Christmas Party

Tonight was the annual staff Chrsitmas party. It was held at a restaurant in the next town over. There was a lot of drinking, some singing, dancing, and gifts, and a three course meal. 
The meal consisted of a choice of appetizer, choice of entree, and plate of tasting desserts.
Appetizers were: Cream of Mushroom soup with Creme Fraiche, Black Pudding with Apple Salad, or Mushroom Risotto with Peas and Rocket.
Entrees were: Traditional Turkey and Ham Dinner with Cranberry Sauce, Bacon Wrapped Pork Steak with Cashew Stuffing, and Grilled Hake Fillet with Almond Butter Sauce.
Dessert were: Coffee Meringue, Shortbread cookie with strawberry and cream, Butterscotch Profiterole, and Chocolate Prailine Cheesecake.

The venue



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