Sunday, December 04, 2016

Christmas Shopping

Today I had a day off so I went Christmas shopping in the three village shops.
The first shop was very regional and featured a lot of framed artwork and prints along with some knickknacks.
The second shop was a gallery, souvenir shop, and sold a lot of home knitted wool clothing.
The third shop sold a lot of ornaments and art, both Christmas and non-seasonal, and also offered customers free snacks - mini quiches, a selection of cheese, crackers, and grapes, mini cocktail sausages, smoked salmon sandwiches, mini raspberry cakes, mini mince pies, chocolate cookies, and chocolates; along with nonalcoholic mulled wine and champagne. It was like a free afternoon tea in the shop!

Tonight I also made traditional Dutch Feast of Saint Nicholas cookies with my Dutch roommate. The pfeffernusse turned out very well!

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