Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fried Polenta

Chill polenta until firm. Cut into desired shapes - this can simply be squares or rectangles or triangles, or using cookie cutters to cut different shapes. If you have cookie cutters you will have scrap pieces - these can also be fried, deep-fried, or reheated into creamed polenta (I will share that recipes as well), or snacked on as is.

To fry polenta, use a frying pan over medium-high heat. Too high and the polenta will burn and the oil will sputter, but too low and it does not become crisp. I tend to use a neutral oil, as it will not burn, but butter will add more flavor. You can also start with oil and finish with butter. You only need a thin layer, but you can also use more oil to 'shallow-fry' the polenta. Just be sure to drain them on paper towel before serving. Fry until desired crispness, then flip and fry the other side and serve! A griddle also works very well for this and you barely need to use any fat at all.

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