Sunday, July 24, 2016

Layered Chocolate Birthday Cake

This is the chocolate birthday cake I made for my brother for his birthday today. He didn't really have any requests, but he loves chocolate, so I stuck with the chocolate theme.
This cake consists of my signature chocolate cake recipe baked in two eight inch round cake pans, each sliced in half horizontally. Each layer is filled with my basic chocolate fudge frosting. The entire cake was frosted with two tones of chocolate fudge frosting - one light and one dark, and then I used a frosting comb to go around the cake to show the two tones of frosting. I then glazed the cake in dark chocolate mocha ganache. I added some caramelized white chocolate crumb around the base of the cake, and made a light cocoa icing to pipe some borders and the message. 

It was extremely hot and humid while making this cake, so the cake was extra moist and dense and I had trouble with the icing sliding, but although it may not look perfect, it was super moist, chocolaty, fudgey, and delicious!!!

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