Friday, June 06, 2014

My Birthday Cakes

So here is a little more background story to my birthday cakes of the past. As a child, my parents always ensured my brothers and I got the birthday cake we wanted every year. We would choose the flavor, and the designs. These designs sometimes seemed a little daunting or crazy, but my parents always delivered (within reason). They have crafted together cat cakes, a butterfly cake, a flower cake, a SpongeBob SquarePants cake, a baseball field cake, a tennis racket cake, a beach cake, ipod cakes, teddy bear cakes, and more delicious, creative, and pretty masterpieces. In addition, when my brothers and I had birthday parties, my parents would usually make two cakes for us - one for our party with our friends and one (usually simpler without a themed design) for the family at home. My brothers and I always appreciated these cakes, and our friends always thought they were incredible.

Last year I requested a specific type of cake from my parents, but not a themed-decorated cake, just a chocolate fruit angel food cake. The year before that, my boyfriend and I made a cake together, and my parents made me a surprise cake. The year before that, I asked my cake to be a complete surprise. This year, my parents had an idea in mind for my cake that I did not know about. For the past three years, I have been trying to convince them to let me make my own cake. Last year I did make a cake, but also had two others. The year before I helped make a cake but also received another cake. This year I gave up and let them make my cake. Personally since I love to bake and cake decorate, I would have no problem making my own cake and getting exactly what I want. But many people agree that it just isn't right to make your own birthday cake. 
One of my favorite birthday cakes - i-pod cakes. Intricate and tedious - yet tasty and fun!

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