Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rhubarb Strawberry Crisp

It is rhubarb season once again, and the small patch of rhubarb in our backyard is bearing some ripe, fresh, red rhubarb. There is no better way to enjoy this slightly tangy fruit then to pick it as fresh as possible, wash it, chop it up, and bake it into a sweet treat. My mother made this strawberry rhubarb crisp. Strawberry and rhubarb is a classic flavor pairing because they are both ripe and ready during the same season, they match with their nice ruby red color, and the flavors balance each other out. Rhubarb can stand alone but needs a considerable amount of sugar since it is so tart. Strawberries can also stand alone because they are so sweet. But pair them together and you've got the perfect balance of sweet and tart when used in the right proportion, and an entire new flavor profile. Strawberry and rhubarb are great together in pies, tarts, crisps, cobblers, buckles, muffins, and more.
Pictured here is a simple strawberry rhubarb crisp with basically the same recipe for crisp topping as an apple crisp. It is great enjoyed warm from the oven, with a little ice cream if you wish, or even eaten cold. 

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