Thursday, July 20, 2017

Culinary Exchange - Day Four

What's better than an early morning breakfast of rich chocolate truffles along with some pastries and cappucinos? Nothing, so we headed out at 7am to a little cakery and candy shop owned by a really friendly family who fed us the best chocolate truffles ever. 

Then we drove a few hours (during which I did manage to nap even after all that chocolate). We toured a goat cheese plant and had a tasting of 10 different goat cheese products. Then we went to a nearby restaurant for a buffet-style lunch, where all of the dishes also incorporated goat cheese. Then onto an actual goat farm where the goat milk comes from. I absolutely love baby goats, they are the cutest things ever so I really enjoyed this part of the day. It was great to actually follow the cheese making process, from where the milk is collected, the cheese is made and packaged, and where it is used in local restaurants.

We drove back into the city during which I napped again. We stopped at a small pizzeria where we took over the kitchen and had a lesson on how to make really great ricotta gnocchi. On the way back from dinner we stopped for some really great gelato. 
goat cheese tasting

cute goat

cherries on the farm

gnocchi from scratch

chocolate gelato

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