Tuesday, February 04, 2014

World Nutella Day 2014

Maybe you remember my string of Nutella posts from last year. February 5th has been pronounced World Nutella Day (no, not by me), and I like to celebrate because I love excuses to bake something yummy and Nutella is a spoonful of chocolate hazelnut heaven. 

Last year I made several Nutella recipes, and I have provided the links for them here. Not all of them were made around Nutella Day, but at different times throughout the year as well.
{Striped Nutella Cheesecake Squares}
{Triple Chocolate Nutella Kiss Cookies}
{Nutella Swirl Muffins}
{Nutella Muffins Re-done}
{Nutella Hot Chocolate}
{Nutella Kissed Brownies}
{Nutella Chocolate Cake}
{Chocolate Nutella Frosting}
Some other posts explaining a bit more about World Nutella Day may be found here: 
{Nutella Galore}, {World Nutella Day} and {Nutella Wrap-Up}.
This year I will not make quite as many Nutella recipes, but this year I have also made my own, homemade Nutella. 

I really wanted to try my own Nutella because I love to experiment and make everything from scratch, and homemade Nutella is also healthier and less processed. Homemade Nutella allows you to control the amount of sugar you put in, and I put in a lot less. It doesn't taste as sweet as Nutella, which you may or may not mind depending on your sweet tooth. However, when used in baking it is almost preferable, because I find recipes made with Nutella are usually too sweet; they contain the regular amount of sugar called for in the recipe along with the sugar from the Nutella. Homemade Nutella also isn't quite as smooth as commercial Nutella, but you also won't notice this in baking. 

Try some Nutella cookies, cakes, squares, brownies, shakes, smoothies, pies, tarts, pastries, pancakes, mousse, pudding, truffles, pizza, crêpes, fondue, dips, breads, muffins, or simply by the spoonful today!

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