Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sundae (Restaurant Food)

I haven't done a restaurant food review in a while, alors voilĂ !
This is an incredible gelato sundae I ate at a restaurant for dessert. Because the meal was so incredible, so much so I cleaned my plate, I knew I couldn't skip dessert, even though I didn't have much room left. This was one of the two desserts I sampled, and I ate most of this one myself. This sundae is called Bianco e Nero, which is Italian for black and white, and refers to the two contrasting colors and flavors of this sundae. It consists of some very chocolatey brownie pieces at the bottom, a few scoops of house made vanilla gelato with thin chocolate chunks, more like chocolate shavings, rich chocolate sauce, and some white choclate shavings to top it all off. It is absolutely divine. Both the gelato and the chocolate sauce have a satiny smooth texture, while the chocolate chinks and shavings, are slightly crisp and crunchy. These two flavors contrast yet pair together perfectly. The brownie at the bottom is incredibly rich and holds the entire ensemble together. The restaurant had a large selection of house made gelatos. Gelato is Italian ice cream, but is different than regular ice cream because it is lighter and creamier due to its lower fat content. Despite less fat, it is incredibly rich and refreshing. This vanilla chocolate chunk gelato was very good in this sundae, but would have been great on its own as well.

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