Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chocolate PB Polka Dot Bars

This is another chocolate peanut butter dessert I recently made. These squares look nice, and are also quite rich and tasty. They consist of a peanut butter oatmeal base, which contains a large proportion of peanut butter, along with the addition of oats and plenty of brown sugar. Next there is a chocolate filling. This filling consists of sugar, cocoa, vanilla, and sweetened condensed milk. It is rich, chocolatey, and really brings the two layers together. On top of the chocolate layer is a sprinkle of candy coated peanut butter chocolates, otherwise known as Reese's Pieces. The original recipe called for miniature Reese's Pieces, but I could not find any of these so I just used the regular sized. I think the miniature ones did distribute better and look a little cuter to give that polka dot effect, but the regular sized ones work just as well and taste the same. The recipe also called to sprinkle all of the candies over the chocolate filling, and then crumble the reserved base over top. However in the picture, at least some of the candies seemed to be sprinkled on the very top. If they are not on top, the polka dot effect is not seen. So I sprinkled the majority of the candies over the chocolate filling, but I did save some for the top to go over the peanut butter crumble. 
This recipe makes a big batch - a 9x13 inch pan - and the squares are also quite high. They are very rich too, so they have to be cut small. Therefore, you can get quite a few squares out of one pan, unless you have some real chocolate and peanut butter fans around. The peanut butter base, the crumble, the rich chocolate filling, and the chocolate peanut butter pieces all marry quite well together to make one delicious square. They cut fairly well, although they are a bit crumbly, and because I put some candies on top, they tend to fall off a bit. At least the chocolate filling doesn't ooze out at all. Overall, this is a really good square recipe and also one that is fun to make too!

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